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  Virtual Remodel Tour
  Take a walk through the disaster that is our house...
  Seattle Bar Tour 08 (7-08)
  We all piled on the school bus for another go at the fabulous home bars of Seattle. Chip's new spy/lounge band, the Band from U.N.C.L.E., debuted at the kick-off party, and Chip did his first public saxophone performance.
  Seattle Bar Tour (7-07)
  I'm a year late getting these pictures posted, but they are still loads of fun. This was right after the baby was born...
  Hawaii (3-08)
  Quinn and Chip see Hawaii for the first time! We went to the Big Island for 4 days to hang out with Brendan, and then over to Oahu to stay in Kaneohe Bay.
  India (2-08)
  Microsoft sent me to India for a week, and I had an amazing time thanks to Heena and Pragya.
  4th Wedding Anniversary (7-19-07)
  We returned to the scene of the crime for our 4th wedding anniversary.
  Quinn Doring! 3/1/07
  Quinn is here! Check out this page for the latest info, pix, sounds, and other interesting stuff. We plan to have to most overexposed baby EVER!!!!
  The Mercury Four show at the Tractor Tavern (2/07)
  The Mercury Four rocked the Tractor with Satan's Pilgrims and the Ghastly Ones. We think this show is what motivated Quinn to come out 10 weeks early...
  Chantay's 40th Birthday (9/06)
  So we followed up our 70's party with the next logical choice - the 80's! Happy Birthday to Miss Chantay, who definitely rocked the night away.
  Go Cart Racing in Ocean Shores (9/06)
  After a rained-out weekend at the beach, we holed up in a nice dry motel in Ocean Shores and took in the local sites. You really can't beat the wet track racing.
  Forestiere's Garden (9/06)
  An imigrant Italian farmer named Forestiere moved to Fresno in the 20's and realized he had bought 20 acres of hardpack land - completely useless for farming. To get away from the heat he started digging with a pick-axe, a shovel, and a wheelbarrow to cart away the dirt. 20 years later he had built an underground fantasy world, complete with citrus trees that could be harvasted from the surface. We visited the site with Tom and Peggy O'Donnell, cousins from Modesto. Chip and I were in Fresno for a Jackson family reunion. Good times.
  70's Party! (4/06)
  The 70's never died! We picked this theme because we didn't have to decorate for it.
  Halloween (11/05)
  The Mercury Four rocked Scott and Becky's Halloween party. Debauchery ensued. And once again, we realize that the under-10 crowd loves surf music.
  Carrie's Birthday (9/05)
  Now if you can't make an fool out of yourself on your birthday, really, when can you?
  Pool Sharks (9/05)
  Our first hot tub extranvaganza. That's Ruby showing Chip her moves with the stick.
  Port Townsend (8/05)
  We went to visit Laura Tucker in Port Townsend and wandered around the peace gardens and the cool, creepy bunkers in the hills above Fort Warden. One tunnel was pitch black (well if would have been if I hadn't been taking all those pictures!)
  Hot Tub (8/05)
  It's HOT in the HOT TUB! Some pictures of early phases of the deck and stairs around the hot tub. And just for fun, check out our fancy pool!
  Chip's Chops (8/05)
  Chip had some pretty sweep chops going there for a while...
  Georgetown Gardens Tour(7/05)
  Bathroom Re-model(7/05)
  The bathroom of our home had to be the world's ugliest when we moved in. Chip did a lovely job making it more modern and attractive. Thanks to Lance Lavall for building the quarter-circular cabinet and to my dad for laying the floor!
  Insanity 18 Scooter Rally(7/05)
  My camera broke on the ferry, so not too many photos here :-( . There are lotsa photos from the rally at and on the Vespa Club of Seattle website.
  Insanity 17 Scooter Rally(7/04)
  For some reason I either never posted these photos or took them off the site. There are some really funny pix in here!
  Pin Down Girls (7/05)
  Tag Team women's wrestling!
  Shawn's Bachelorette Party (6/05)
  9 Wicked ladies and one fabulous Daddy-O laid waste to that teeming metropolis up North - Vancouver BC. The Dancing was hard, the drinks were flowing, and Amtrak will be buzzing with tales of crazy women wrestlers from Seattle for years to come. Enjoy-
  Whiskey Creek (6/05)
  Chip and I went on a quiet retreat up North to Whiskey Creek Beach Resort with Ed & Janet Galore. We stayed in cozy little cabins right on the beach and watched the eagles fly and the rocks tumble in the water. This trip may mark the final voyage of Chip's rowboat.
  Surfrider Competition at Westport (4/05)
  The Surfrider Foundation put on a big surfing competition in Westport, WA. The Mercury Four were invited to play the awards ceremony. We took some family photos on the beach.
  Tulip Festival (4/05)
  Michele and I made our annual trip to see the tulips in Mt. Vernon.
  Chipfest 2005 (3/05)
  Chip's 40th birthday was crazy fun. We rented the grotto at the Rendezvous downtown and had tons of entertainment. And the best thing was - Chip was totally suprised. I can't believe I was able to keep a secret that long!
  >>Chipfest - My Mom's pictures
  >>Chipfest - Mark & Shawn's pictures
  >>Chipfest - Chantay's Pictures (warning - some adult content in here!)
  Las Vegas Scooter Rally
Yet another trip to Las Vegas for the High Rollers Scooter Rally (2/05)
  Los Angeles
Chip and I spent some time cruising around LA (2/05)
  Space Bed
This is the bed that Chip made me for Christmas. (1/05)
  Christmas Dinner (12/04)
  Halloween Party in our groovy disco graveyard (10/04)
  All of the party shots were taken by Chantay Curnow. The pictures of us dressed as lounge singers were actually from Lara's birthday party the night before.
  Burning Man (9/04)
  35,000 people camping on a pre-historic lake bed in the middle of nowhere. It's kind of hard to describe. Check out the Official Burning Man site for more info.
  >>Camp Coco Velvet
  >>Saki Party
  >>Out All Night
  >>Art on the Playa
  >>Burn the Man
  Chip's Butterfly Chair 8/04
  Victoria Scooter Rally 5/04
  Tulip Festival 4/04
  Chip's Birthday 3/04
  Carrie and Mary's Adventures in the UK (1/04)
  I traveled around the UK in the dead of winter with my friend Mary. It was bitter cold, but we managed to have a blast.
  >>Edinburgh, Scotland
  >>The Scottish Highlands
  >>Glasgow, Scotland
  >>Dublin, Ireland
  >>Galway and The Burren, Ireland
  Ice Day - all the snow turned to ice
  Snow Day - our new house after the big storm
  Honeymoon in Mexico (11/03)
  Chip and I honeymooned for a week in Ixtapa, then met up with a bunch of friends for Cissy's 40th birthday. I think Mexico is still recovering.
  >>Zihuatanejo (1)
  >>Zihuatanejo (2)
  >>Zihuatanejo (3)
  Wedding Pictures (7/03)
  All of the wedding fun, in one place! These are still up on our wedding site, feel free to poke around.